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logo imageJanuary 26 2021: Anderton Castings Mexico boosts engineering department with in-house MagmaSoft capability

Anderton Castings Mexico successfully gained in-house MagmaSoft capabilities. Joining the ranks of Anderton Castings France and Texas, Anderton Castings Mexico is also now able to provide in-house MagmaSoft casting simulations and virtual optimization of casting processes. This boost Anderton Castings Mexico Engineering Department with the skills and tools to best serve our customers with greater accuracy, efficiency, and optimal design and processes conditions and as a leader in industry standards for aluminum high pressure die casting. Read More

logo imageDecember 1 2020: Anderton Castings Mexico Opens New Machining Plant

December 1, 2020 Apodaca: Anderton Castings Mexico is pleased to announce the opening of a new machining plant. To better answer our customers’ growing demand, we are expanding the capacity of Anderton Castings, Mexico with a new machining plant conveniently located 5 minutes from our current facility in Apodaca. All existing machining centers are expected to move from our current facility to the new machining plant in January. The plant will have its own quality lab including metrology and machining, quality, maintenance, and engineering personnel. This additional plant will free up space to install additional aluminum high pressure die casting and CNC machines to meet volume increases and needs for new awarded programs launching in 2021 and beyond. Contact: info@ Read More

logo imageOctober 7, 2020: Anderton Castings Website Redesign-

Anderton Castings invites you to visit to view updated website showcasing our products and capabilities. Anderton Castings, an international, competitive, aluminum casting company with locations in; Troy, TEXAS, Monterrey, MEXICO and Andrezieux, FRANCE. Anderton Castings offers its customers Best-In-Class operations, Zero defects, on-time delivery of competitive products for the automotive and other applications. Read More

logo imageJuly 9, 2020: Anderton Castings launches in-house MAGMA simulation software

Anderton Castings welcomes on-site MAGMA Academyeducating members of the Engineering department to serve our customers with greater accuracy and industry standards for die casting Low Pressure and Gravity simulation. Read More